About Cross After Hours

When Cross Jewelers closes for the day or weekend we explore the coast and venture inland to discover Maine.

We find great inspiration from our home state and will share here in Cross After Hours what we’re up to.

Maine Coast Watch

Daily observations watching the sea and sky. These are notes as written.

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Clipper Ship Journals

The previously unpublished journals of Maine clipper ship sea captain John Drew as he sails from Boston and NYC to China, Java, and other East Asian ports.

Drew is the great-great grandfather to one of our jewelers who creates pieces for our Trade Wind Jewelry Collection.

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FREE Maine Note Cards

A collection of photos we’ve taken around Maine turned into note cards you can print.

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Visit Portland

Where to stay, eat, and what to do. Portland is an easy day’s drive from anywhere in New England and has much to offer year-round.

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Maine Gem Mining

We’ve had the privilege of being present for several significant gem finds in Maine’s western mountains.

The page is a collection of videos from the SparHawk Maine tourmaline mine.

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